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Examining the Effect of Procurement on Quality Service Delivery: A Case Study of Public Health Institution in Ghana

This paper analyzes the effect of procurement processes on the quality of service delivery within a major public healthcare institution in Ghana. The public healthcare institutions are the primary point for seeking medical attention by majority of the citizens of Ghana, thus the quality of health care delivery issues is significant to the economic and physical wellbeing of an average Ghanaian. This study therefore seeks to determine the role of procurement management in major public healthcare institutions and its impact on the delivery of health care service. A qualitative approach, utilizing a descriptive case study method was employed to find out the procurement processes adopted by one of the major public health care institutions in Accra and how procurement management practices affect the delivery of health care services. The health care institution was selected based on the number of beds (320) and the number of health care services rendered to citizens annually. This study used a semi-structured interview approach. 15 participants were interviewed from the procurement department, medical units, surgery and pharmacy unit at the public health care institution. A purposive sampling methodology was applied to select the 15 participants based on their experience and positions in this healthcare institution. The data analysis discovered four seminal themes, which resulted in three key conclusions. The conclusions stemming from the findings show that procurement practices such as tendering, bidding and contracting are crucial factors impacting the procurement process between the main government procurement agency and major public healthcare institutions. Second, old procurement procedures and corrupt practices such as “contract for sale” have contributed to some of the shortcomings often experienced in the procurement process in the major health care institutions. Third, the private support of public healthcare institutions in circumstances where there are underperformances in public procurement agency have helped significantly to fostering the delivery of quality healthcare in major public health institutions in Ghana.