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Color Properties Comparison of Faded Reactive-Dyed Blue Cotton Woven Fabric Utilizing Laser Technology before and After Washing

Color and design are two of the most elegant elements of the buying decision to be made by a consumer for the buying of a common textile product such as apparel and home textiles. In the textile industry, currently, laser technology for acquiring faded design effects comes into prominence in terms of sustainability. In this study, colorimetric properties of reactive-dyed blue cotton woven fabric faded with laser irradiation with various resolution and pixel time combinations before and after washing were compared and discussed. Laser irradiation with higher resolution and higher pixel time resulted in more aggressive fading effect leading to significantly lower color yield (K/S) values, lower chroma (C*) values and higher lightness (L*) values.The washed reactive-dyed blue cotton fabrics treated with laser irradiation exhibited higher color yield (K/S), higher chroma (C*) and lower lightness (L*) degrees than the respective unwashed cotton fabric counterparts due to the elimination (with the effect of washing process) of yellowing effect which resulted from the laser irradiation treatment.Nonetheless, overall, augmentation on resolution and pixel time laser irradiation process parameters procures greater laser power leading to more significant fading effect with lower color yield (K/S), lower chroma (C*) and higher lightness (L*) degrees, irrespective of whether washed or not. Keywords - Laser, Fading, Laser Fading, Cotton, Reactive Dye, Washing