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Participatory Business Community Management Of Lai Hin Sub-District, Kokha District, Lampang Province

The purpose of this research was to organize participatory management systems and preparation the management information systems of business community of Lai Hin Sub-district, KoKha District, Lampang Province. The data were collected from the leaders and members of the group including community leadersby interviewing, observation, focus group discussion, and satisfaction assessment form. Data were analyzed by comparison content and by using arithmetic mean. The results showed that the group produced germinated brown rice for consuming themselves and enlarge to distribute, but the management was not a definite systematic, neither the segregation of duty nor source of document. The researchers and the Group together developed the system of participatory management by starting developing organization structure and segregation of duty by production task, marketing task, and financial accounting task, and then developed accounting system, production/goods system, and sale/customer system to be in the form of the management information system. The result of evaluated satisfaction of the systems found that the Group satisfied with the highest level. Moreover, the result of evaluated worth on investment found that there was payback period within one year, cash flow was sufficient to operate and internal rate of return (IRR) was worthwhile. Index Terms´┐ŻBusiness Community Management, Management Information System.