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Motorcycle Desıgn Accordıng to User Expectatıons by Usıng Multı Crıterıa Decısıon Method: Vıkor

The problem of examining the selection of motorcycle type and features leads to the necessity of working with qualitative or quantitative results. In this respect, it is planned to reveal which of the gasoline and electric motor types are advantageous and a motorcycle design, which provides the factors and technical characteristics of the engine with the specified characteristics. Technical data of gasoline and electric motorcycles are used in the study. Survey method is used on 280 people and motorcycles type preferred is determined by VIKOR method. The results show that in the city, drivers tend to be serial, prefer medium power generating and accelerated vehicles and do not prefer passengers behind them. In addition, the number of cylinders, motorcycle engine, engine volume, the total weight of the motorcycle is directly proportional to the fuel consumption of gasoline motorcycles while horsepower produced by the motorcycle engine and the transmission is reversely proportional to the fuel consumption. Keywords - Motorcycle, Multicriteria Decision Method, Vikor Method