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Chinese Cultural Diplomacy towards Thailand (1990-2018): A Case Study of Confucius Institute

This paper presents the method of Chinese cultural diplomacy on Thailand. In view of China’s aggressive pursuit of its policy on various fronts, it needs a softpower approach in the form of cultural diplomacy to improve its image. Confucius Institute is the focal point of Chinese cultural diplomatic function in Thailand. Because of Thailand’s geographical location as an important port for China's imports and exports, it is the key partner of China's trade and investment in Southeast Asia. Thailand has a very important position in China’s economic and security policy. China wants to use Chinese language teaching methods to spread Chinese cultural thoughts and values to Thai society partly because Thailand and China have had close relations ever since historical time. This becomes social capital for China. Chinese language proficiancy is deemed important to some groups of Thai people. It also would deepen Thai people’s understanding of Chinese thought and culture. It could be a channel for China to spread its positive image.Therefore, China established the Confucius Institute in Thailand to develop cultural diplomacy and achieve diplomatic ambition. Keywords - Cultural Diplomacy, Soft Power, Confucius Institute, Chinese Language Teaching