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Parental Attitudes Toward English Immersion Education in Central Taiwan

This study aims to investigate the parental attitudes towards early childhood English education. Also, the study is to explore parental attitudes toward or expectations for the foreign English teachers. Lastly, the study is to understand parental involvement toward children English learning at home.The subjects involved in the study will were 393 parents in Central Taichung. The results of the subsequent analysis of the data are indicated as follows: higher parental Socioeconomic Status (SES) would more likely their children to study English immersion program, parents with bachelor degree or higher tend to have more high expectations from native English teachers’ characteristics and have more involvement in English learning with their children at home.99.7% of parents think learning English is important. Language skills are very important for career, and can make the difference between success and failure in a job search nowadays.However, Taiwan government has not had best English education policies yet, which is contrary to the needs of parents and mainstream society. Keywords - English Immersion Education, Parental Attitude, Native English Teachers, Parental Involvement