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Community-based Entrepreneurship of My Village My Future initiative: A Case study of KampungKundur Hulu

Community-based entrepreneurship is essential to empower the community to create jobs and offer a sustainable flow of wealth to its members. Particularly as rural-urban youth migration is creating socio-economic issues for both urban cities and rural areas. In Malaysia, community-based entrepreneurship is spearheaded by government agencies to create better economic opportunities using local resources as well as to prevent massive rural-urban migration. This paper is based on one case study in a village in a rural area in Malaysia. This study used a qualitative research method of photo-elicitation and visual anthropology to discuss the impact of activities. Our analysis focuses on examining what community-based entrepreneurship model was used to stimulate the entrepreneurial activities in the community. The findings showed that the community capitalized on locally established anchor businesses to create a community-entrepreneurship environment that provides job opportunities and entrepreneurship training for local youth. This is an innovative model to drive the community into entrepreneurship activities quickly. The community-based entrepreneurship focuses on mutual support and assistance to prosper the village economically. Government intervention has benefitted the community andattracted considerable interest from both the private and the public sector. Keywords - Community-based entrepreneurship, rural-urban migration, sustainability, rural areas