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What are the Perceived Barriers to the Health Promoting Behaviors in Rural Elderly Women?

The purpose of this study was to identify the subjective barriers in practicing health promotion activities for elderly women living in rural areas with relatively low community resources. Focus group interviews with three teams were conducted for 26 elderly women in rural areas, and the content analysis was used for the analysis of interview contents. According to the ecological model, we analyzed 'decrease in physical function,' 'a passive attitude', 'lack of practice' as intrapersonal factor, 'lack of social support' as interpersonal factor, ' limited conditions', 'accessibility issues',' lack of facilities' as community factor, and 'poor policy support' as public policy factor. The results of this study can contribute to the implementation of health promotion programs and community health policies for elderly rural women. Keywords - Health Promoting Behavior, Perceived Barrier, Rural Elderly Women