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A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Higher Secondary English Textbook of Bangladesh: Can it Yield the Outcomes of the Curriculum?

Textbook evaluation, and the implementation of the evaluation report are broadly recognized as influential processes of improving the quality of education. The current evaluation of the higher secondary ‘English For Today’ textbook aims to examine the overall pedagogical value and suitability of the book to meet the aims and objectives of the higher English curriculum. Employing document analysis methodology and semi-structured interviews, the researcher analyzed the curriculum, the textbook and other relevant published documents. The findings of this study report on layout of the textbook, its contents, level of language, organization, coverage of the language skills, instructional activities, assessment methods, and illustrations and print quality. The evaluation reveals both strengths and weaknesses of the above mentioned attributes. This paper addresses a number of implications which require adequate attention if we intend to yield the desired outcomes of the curriculum. This study inspires the researchers of other areas of the higher secondary curriculum to investigate if the authors of those textbooks are following the appropriate pedagogical norms while writing the textbooks. Keywords - Curriculum, Textbook, Evaluation, Pedagogy, Learning Outcome