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Evaluation of Child Labour on Study Habits and Achievement in Basic Science Among Basic Students in Lagos State

This study was undertaken to appraise the evaluation of child labour on study habit and achievement in Basic science among selected Basic school pupils. The participants of the study comprises of pupils from selected Basic school pupils in Lagos Island local government area of Lagos State. The participants in the study comprised 100 pupils (54 males and 46 females) who were randomly selected. The study examined the extent child labour will affect study habits and achievement in Basic Science among the selected pupils. Two research questions and two research hypotheses were designed for the study. Two research instruments were employed for this study, the pupils checklist on evaluation of child labour on study habits and Basic Science Achievement Test (BSAT). The data collated was analyzed using pearson product moment correlation, it was revealed that child labour has adverse effect on the study habits of the pupils and moreso negatively affected the achievement of pupils in Basic Science with the female pupils having a higher number of drop outs and failure rate. The study recommended that extra moral classes should be introduced to children exposed to child labour by the curriculum planners with special reference to female pupils. It was concluded that child labour has a negative influence on the academic performance of the pupils where most of them were involved hawking to improve their family financial needs. Keywords - Child Labour, Study Habits, Achievement in Basic Science