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Role of MLH1 Gene Promoter Methylation and Microsatellite instability in Patients with Ovarian Carcinoma

Aim: The aim was to evaluate ovarian cancer biopsies as regards both MLH1 gene promoter methylation status employing Methylation Specific PCR and microsatellite instability using capillary electrophoresis technique. Methods: MLH1 gene promoter methylation was investigated using methylation specific PCR, while MSI was assessed using the five NCI-recommended panel of markers employing capillary electrophoresis. Thirty ovarian tissue samples from patients undergoing surgery for newly diagnosed sporadic ovarian carcinoma were included in the study. Control tissue samples were obtained from each patient either from the same or contralateral ovary. Results: A statistically significant difference was detected between malignant and normal ovarian tissues studied as regards MLH1 promoter methylation. On studying MSI in ovarian cancer biopsies using different markers, D2S123 showed the highest positivity (70%).. In ovarian cancer biopsies,most of methylated biopsies showed high degree of microsatellite instability. Conclusions: MLH1 gene promoter methylation and higher grades of microsatellite instability might be used in conjunction with CA125 serum level as prognostic markers in cases of ovarian carcinoma. Keywords - Ovarian -Cancer- Promoter- Methylation- MLH1- Microsatellite Instability