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A Sociological Study On �The Influences Imposed On The Institution Of The Family By Foreign Employment�

This Research hopes to identify the Issues of parents seeking migratory work through a sociological analysis. The research problem of this study was the effects on the changes and influences caused in the family foreign employment of parents. Since the introduction of the open economy, international labor migration was widely expended. Employment of the father or the mother and sometimes both of them being employed in foreign countries, has caused deterioration and conflicts in every aspect in the family institution unlike in any of prior economic system. As a result research analysis and study of the resultant changes caused by foreign employment of parents has become essential and crucial for the present society Puttlam district being the most prominent one in this respect and Wennappuwa, Arachchikattuwa and Dankotuwa leading at the divisional level, was selected as the research area. In this study, the methods used for collection and assimilation of data were, Observation, Questionnaire, Interview and Case Studies. On analyzing data, the clear in inference was that foreign employment of parents be, it one or both, directly and decisively results in negation and deterioration of the very foundation of the family. These negative effects brake down the bindings trust and faith that makes the very foundation of the traditional family. Each individual feels and suffers these negative influences. The inference that the emigration of parents for foreign employment is definitely destructive more than productive to the family, and also to its members as individuals who were the essence of the institution. Key words- Foreign employment, Labour migration, Family institution, Open economy.