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Policy and Status of Plastic Waste Management in India: A Perspective for Sustainable Development and Protection of Environment

Plastic waste is a global menace polluting soil, groundwater, rivers, oceans as well as threatens all forms of life including marine life. Some of the efforts at international and national levels to curb the menace of plastic waste has led only to an insufficient amount of reduction in single-use plastic waste generation and recycle. As has happened in most cases of carbon emission and environmental protection agreements at the global level, reduction of plastic is yet to see a strong, committed and coordinated effort to make earth and its environment free from plastic waste and its hazardous impacts. Off late India has started taking some steps to curb plastic waste generation and enhance its recycling by putting in place some policy measures. However, in the absence of strong policy and political will for effective reduction of plastic waste seems to be neither achievable nor feasible. The present paper critically analyses the policy framework on plastic waste management in India and examines the loopholes in implementation. Moreover, efforts have been made to draw lessons from experiences of other countries in sustainable development and management of plastic wastes. The paper also makes case for an effective mechanism, alternative strategy and policy perspective on plastic wastes for sustainable development and protection of environment. Keywords - Plastic waste management, Sustainable development, Environmental Protection, Extended Producer responsibility, plastic recycle, Policy for plastic reduction