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An Anthropological Assesment Of The Modern Changes Of The Caffir Community Within Sri Lanka

The main purpose of this research is to study the social and cultural changes of the Caffir community within Sri Lanka. The Caffirs can be described as a part of a community broughtinto Sri Lanka as slaves from African countries such as Mozambique and Madagascar in the colonial era by the Portuguese. At present this community is mainly seen in theSirambiadiyan area of the Puttalam District in Sri Lanka. The Caffir ommunity in Sri Lanka could be distinguished with other communities living in the country due to their unique physical features such as their wide lips, their coal dark skin complexion and curly hair The Caffirs brought into Sri Lanka were engaged in security activities by the Dutch after gaining control of the administration of Sri Lanka. (Peiris: 1986, p.218) This community wereconsidered slaves during the British Colonial regime and underwent various changes after mixing with several other communities within Sri Lanka. Therefore, the research problem of this study is about the current, social and cultural changes of the Caffir community. The Hypothesis �Various changes which had taken place among the Caffirs� had been used in the study.The main aim of this study is to discuss the changes and challenges faced in the present day by the Caffir community in Sri Lanka. This would be done as an anthropological assessment of the modern changes within the Caffir community in Sri Lanka. Key Words- Caffir,Slaves,Community,British Colonial Regime,Changes.