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Could Brand Image and Sales Promotion Influence Purchase Decision?

This Research has a brand image and sales Promotion on Smartfren Mobile Modem Purchase Decisions in Karawang. This research was conducted on Smartfren Mobile Modem Users. The research use the technical analysis of verification data used by multiple regression equations. This research uses the help of the SPSS 16 program, and Microsoft Excel version. 2007. The sample size of this study is 100 Smartfren Mobile Modems Users in the Smartfren Gallery, Karawang branch. The data obtained were analyzed using multiple regression analysis. The results showed that the brand image had a positive effect on purchasing decisions, and sales promotion had a positive effect on purchasing decisions. Brand Image and Sales Promotion, have a positive effect on purchasing decisions. To improve purchasing decisions, it is better for the leadership of Smartfren Galleries to improve and focus their company's marketing strategies on the Brand Image strategy. Keywords - Brand Image, Sales Promotion, Purchase Decision