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Information Security Accounting & Management to E-Business Intention: A Review of Research Findings with Effects of the Jordanian Companies

Information has turned out to be so inescapable in the day to day existence, that it is relatively irreplaceable. This is clear as information has progressed toward becoming center to the business operations of any enterprise. Information and communication technology (ICT) systems are vigorously depended upon to store, process and transmit this significant product. Because of its tremendous regard, data and related ICT resources have to be sufficiently secured. Such protection of information is usually alluded to as information security Accounting & management. Information security risks are a strategic issue which ought to be thoroughly addressed by all enterprises, public and private in nature. The government in Jordan not excluded. In any case, the Auditor-General of Jordan considers the larger part of information security practices within local government to be insufficient. The article piloted an enquiry of the empirical studies and models that related E-business intention, information securityAccounting & management and security risk. It essentially meant to prove the conceptualization estimation and examination of the distinct ideas. Following the analysis of literature, the findings indicated that information security Accounting & management; security risk and E-business intention significantly affects numerous Jordanian companies’ procedures and customers. Likewise, the availability of security systems in any organization shall work in speeding up the concerned employees to evaluate their organization systems, supported with to Managers' approval and recommendations to acquire extensive variety of security. Keywords - Information Security Accounting & Management, Intention, ICT, Risk, Jordan