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Prioritizing Cultural Intelligence Dimensions of Professional Healthcare Service Providers

The purpose of this study is to prioritize cultural intelligence (CQ) dimensions of professional healthcare service providers. Nurses are heart and soul of healthcare service since they spend most of their time with patients and represent the largest group of healthcare professional. In order to deliver effective and successful healthcare service, nurses have to possess talents to appropriately act, interpret, understand, and communicate with patients from different cultures and backgrounds. Developing these talents requires nurses to be aware and recognize the uniqueness of each patient. Nursing students should be well prepared with strong foundation of diversity. Junior and senior nursing students are samples of this study. Questionnaires are utilized for data collection. Confirmatory factor analysis and importance-performance matrix are applied to prioritize CQ dimensions. The results reveal that the metacognitive CQ is the first priority because it is the most important with a little above average performance. The second priority is cognitive CQ because its importance is less than metacognitive CQ’s but larger than both motivational CQ’s and behavioral CQ’s; however, its performance is below average. From the results, the researchers suggest that to enhance nurses’ cognitive CQ and metacognitive CQ, nursing schools must provide nursing students both educations and trainings on patients’ care for various cultures in a clinical setting. Keywords - Cultural Intelligence, Healthcare Service Provider