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Knowledge Management and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Small Islands Development States (SIDS)

Being a latecomer to the international market, businesses from developing countries have no other alternative than devising shortcut and vaulting to the implementation of latest tools to stay in parallel with nowadays fierce exposure. Knowledge Management can be the much needed strategic boon for businesses to maintain in this competitive market. However previous researches demonstrated that KM implementation is indeed a major challenge for businesses, notably for those from the developing countries where there is meagerness of supporting factors for business management and for KM specifically.Despite the fact that many researches has been done in the past about KM, but nearly all of them concentrated to developed countries(such as America, Europe, Japan) or big emerging economies like China, India, Korea. Current thinking grasp that KM implementation are not for small businesses from developing countries Thus, the aim of this paper is to falsify the myth that knowledge management practices can be only to big established organisations. This research has been conducted for the context of Mauritius whose economy has been marked as miraculous success story not only for Africa but the whole world! The textile industry being the major catalyst in the Mauritian Industrial Revolution; was chosen as the sample population for this study.After ascertaining the current Mauritian economic stability and the major contribution of the SMEs, this study demonstrated how linking KM processes to businesses can result to better organisational effectiveness. Questionnaires were sent to 100 SMEs out of which 48 responded. Keywords - Knowledge Management, Sustainable Development and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES)