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Environmental Restoration And Improvement In The Mediterranean Landscapes Of Greece: Sustainable Use Of Plant Species-A Review

Greece is a part of the Mediterranean zone that has contributed to a great biological diversity and shelters a vast array of ecosystems and landscapes with a high endemism rate in plant species. This study provides a review of the ecological use of plant species for environmental restoration and improvement of the Mediterranean landscapes in Greece. A noteworthy fact is that Greek - Mediterranean flora offers a great variety of species, from which we can choose the most suitable for possible interventions, favoring sustainable management and development. Using plant species for habitat restoration can contribute to long-term protection and enhancement of our natural and cultural heritage as well as landscape protection, management and planning. Furthermore, using native plants can increase ecosystem resilience to climate change and combat the proliferation of invasive alien plants. Nowadays, the restoration of an ecosystem is not just an act or a project, but rather something mandatory in the context of sustainable management and development. The study of the literature review for environmental use of plant species for environmental restoration in the Mediterranean region will be continued in the next years. Keywords- Ecosystem, degradation, biological diversity, flora, sustainability.