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Analysis of Turn Taking and Self-Repair Initiators in Female Advanced Iranian EFL Learners in Comparison to English and Persian Native Speakers

This study was carried out to analyze turn taking patterns and self-repair initiators among advanced Iranian EFL learners in three different language institutes in Isfahan to realize the level of students’ participation and the involvement of the teacher in taking turns. For the study, 40 students were selected. The data was gathered by video and audio recording the negotiations and was analyzed using Schegloff et al.’s., [1] initiation techniques and Sacks et al.’s [2] turn taking system as frameworks. Finally, the results were compared with data gathered through the investigations of English native speakers and Persian Native speakers’ interactions. The overall result showed that the majority of the turns were taken by the students, i.e. (98 or 72.53%) out of the total turns of 137. Accordingly, a large number of the turns were taken trough self-initiated transfers. Alternatively, the teachers took 39 turns or 27.47% out of the overall turns of 137. Moreover, Lexical Vs non-lexical initiators revealed that 78.13% of speech errors were repaired through non-lexical utterances, while only 21.87% of the troubles are completed through lexis. The findings further indicated that there is no significant difference between Iranian EFL learners, English native speakers and Persian native speakers. Keywords - Conversation Analysis, Turn Taking, Repair Initiator, Advanced Learner, Iranian