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Plant Nutrient Characterization Of AK�A Pear (Pyrus Communis L.) Cultivars Grown In Aegean Region Of Turkey

The study was conducted on early-ripening Ak�a pear cultivars (Pyrus communis L.) collected from Aegean region of Turkey for assessing the plant nutrient contents. Total quantities of nutrients accumulated within the deciduous organs were used to make provisional estimates of the uptake of macro and micro nutrients by the Ak�a pear cultivars used in this study. The concentrations of macro and micro nutrients within the leaves of 13 pear cultivars were recorded over two growing seasons. Potassium was clearly the major nutrient in the samples in the investigated cultivars, and this nutrient is likely to be a major component of maintanence fertiliser programmes. In general, most of the nutrient concentrations of the 2036, 2051 and 2103 cultivars were slightly higher than the nutrient concentrations of the other varieties. Application of these data in future studies has potential utility within the fields of agro-biodiversity conservation and nutrition of Ak�a pears. Keywords- pear cultivars; nutrients; genotypic variability.