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Contribution to Study Xanthine Oxydase Inhibition by Medicinal Plants with Molecular Modeling Methods

Unlike the classical chemistry field, computational chemistry and molecular modeling are relatively new. Despite their recent, these methods are increasingly used. Protein-ligand interactions play a key role in the biological systems organization. They allow the certain biological processes regulation, the transmission or the various biochemical reactions catalysis. Knowing how proteins interact with other biochemical entities is an essential step in understanding the biological processes in which they are involved. The development of predictive approaches opens the way to computer-aided design of protein systems with modified properties and is therefore of undeniable interest for research and the pharmaceutical and medical industry. Our work consists in studying theoretically by the molecular modeling methods the inhibition of xanthine oxydase by the extract of some medicinal plants to diminish the evolution of some diseases. Keywords - Molecular modeling methods, Molecular docking, xanthine oxydase, medicinal plants.