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Marketing Authenticity. An Exploratory Research from Cooperatives' Context. Case of Souss Massa, Morocco

This paper explores the authenticity as well as a mobilizing concept of the cooperatives of terroir product. Our topic question is: what are the determinants of the authenticity of terroir product? For that, we mobilized the postmodern approach to explore and understand our study’s context. First, through a literature review we highlighted the determinants of the quest for authenticity, next, an observation of cooperative practices and an analysis responded to our question. Finally, we analyzed data according the principles of interpretive paradigm. The main result is that authenticating isn't related to the, only, simple label, but is a lot of practices and cues that exceed the material product. Marketers and terroir product manager can use those manners as a basis for positioning or developing a link between the consumers questing for authenticity. Keywords - Authenticity, terroir product, postmodernism, cooperatives, Souss Massa, Morocco.