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Innovation of Political Parties after The Establishment of The Thai Constitution of 2017

Educational objectives (1) To study the establishment of political parties according to the 2017 constitution (2) To study the political innovations of political parties under the 2017 constitution The study indicated that: 1) The Organic Act B.E. 2560 stipulates that informants preparing to form a political party must be persons with the same qualifications and without prohibitions as in the form of political party organizers, consisting of not less than 15 people submitting an application for notification of preparation. First establishing a political party with the political party registrar To organize a collection of not less than 500 political party organizers, but must submit an application for registration of a political party within 180 days from the date that the political party registrar is notified If not submitting an application to register the establishment of a political party within the said period 2) The constitution created a proportional voting system, allowing political parties to create political innovations in order to have the opportunity to become MPs, namely the big political parties, establishing a representative or nominee political party in order to allow the average votes in The proportional system also found that after the election, small parties were elected in large numbers. But with the provisions of the Constitution and organic law that will allow political parties to continue their activities because members may not be able to find as required Causing the political parties that received proportional votes to dissolve their own parties to join with the larger political parties Which is the creation of a new political innovation for Thai political parties that rely on the gap of the law to not move the party during the council meeting. Keywords - Constitution, Political Parties, Politics, Innovation