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Effects of a Dual-Subtitled Video (Thai-Eng) with Text-Enhancement towards Vocabulary Learning Perceptions of Thai Undergraduate Students

Captioned and subtitled videos are effective tools to promote vocabulary breadth. Nowadays, mono language subtitles or single-line subtitles have been widely used. However, for those learners who possess a limited size of vocabulary repertoire, they still encounter difficulty to get across the meaning of the words while watching immediate video stream. In such the circumstance on the speed to catch up on the story, the learners can only have the opportunity to guess the word meaning from context clues and skip unknown words. Some put their attempt to memorize the doubtful words for later clarification. That hard effort can eventually create a potential boredom and withdrawal from learning through the subtitled videos. This problem surprisingly is left unattended in research. To investigate more for an alternative and to bridge the gap, a dual subtitled video with text enhancement was created, in order to investigate on its effects towards the learners’ perceptions and the degree of their attention. An experiment was implemented with a sample group of twenty-five Thai undergraduate students. Content analysis of the collected data through a group discussion was employed. The findings revealed a phenomenon of the learners’ perceptions and preferences of the dual subtitled video with text enhancement towards their vocabulary expansion. Keywords - Dual Subtitles, Learning Perceptions, Text Enhancement, Vocabulary Learning