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Concept Of The �Islamic House�; A Case Study Of The Early Muslims House

Islam is a way of life, and this has been reaffirmed through Al-Qur�an (the Word of God) and Al-Sunnah (the behavior & speech of Prophet Mohammad �peace upon him); so the early traditional Muslims house follows certain Islamic principles as guidelines in architectural design. As a way of life, then the house should provide a complete living web that reflects the lifestyle of Muslims. An �Islamic house� means a house with the values of Islam which is started from good intentions, clear philosophy and then conceptualized until the completion and construction of the building. Referring to the history of Islamic architecture in the Islamic world, different styles could be seen in different regions as each particular region used its own indigenous regional from which was influenced by the interchange of culture traits, ideas of authority figures, administration and intermarriage. Indeed, even the vernacular techniques, climate and local materials, also influenced the form of Islamic house architecture, which will be discussed in this paper through many examples of the traditional Islamic houses. This paper discusses aspects of architectural concepts in the early �Islamic house�. Islamic values in traditional Islamic houses are manifested in the design concept of buildings, use of materials, and environmental and social consciousness. There are indeed many lessons to be learned from this concept and design. On the other hand, aspects of the Islamic concept of architecture is absent from almost all modern houses in the Islamic world for many reasons: rapid development, use of foreign materials, design methods, and construction systems all contribute to the absence of sustainability and spirituality in modern buildings. The aim of this paper is to illustrate the concept of the Islamic house and amplify awareness and implementation of Islamic measures in the design, construction, and education of architecture. Keywords- Islamic; Early; House; concept,