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A Study Ways and Remedies of Frozen Shrimp Industries of Thailand, Thailand 4.0

The purposes of this study were to: 1) study ways problems related to basic factors in operating frozen shrimp industry based on the entrepreneurs’ points, 2) the enterprises involved in this study were small and medium industry receiving Thai Frozen Foods Association, and 3) compare the problems of the frozen shrimp industry according to their sizes of operation in BKK and surrounding area. Population in this study consisted of 125 managers from 125 frozen shrimp enterprises Thai Frozen Foods Association which 69 were small size and 56 were medium size. The data were analyzed to find percentage, mean, standard deviation, and independent sample t-test with the significant hypothesis at .05. The results found that the problems of the frozen shrimp industries of both size were in high level. The needs for government supporting were in high level. The comparison of the problems and the basic factors between SMEs size enterprises showed no statistically significant level at .05. The problems that they mentioned included marketing ,raw materials, labors, production, and the need for academic supporting from the government sector. Keywords - A Study Ways, Remedies, Frozen Shrimp Industries, Surrounding Area,Thailand 4.0