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Development of a Multi Physics and Multi Levels Abstraction Simulator for Micro Pressure Sensors Semiconductors Based

Micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) became more and more complex by the time, and there simulation requires the use of powerful computer aided design (CAD) tools which are based on numerical methods. However, those tools are made at one level of abstraction, and they are very expensive in term of simulation time and calculation power requirement. For that, scientists try to develop new multi levels abstraction tools for the simulation of MEMS. Indeed, multi levels abstraction tools give the possibility to optimize time calculation by choosing the adapted model for each part of the MEMS. In this work, we propose to develop a multi physic s and multi levels of abstraction simulator for micro pressure sensor. Keywords - MEMS, Multi Levels of Abstraction, Multi Physic, Numerical Methods, Piezoresistivity, Semiconductors, Thermal Drift, MEMS.