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Waste Tire As An Alternative Fuel Of Cement Production Process In Iran

From the beginning of the 21st century human society encountered with global environmental problems. It would be necessary that the industries find effective solutions for such problems. One of these problems is emission of greenhouse gases which cause to global warming. The cement plants are the most important reason of emitting greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide in the world. Cement industries lonely produce 5 percent of Carbon dioxide in the world which its portion is more than the whole world air transportation industries. So the Kyoto protocols which is about decreasing the emission of greenhouse gases in way of Clean Development Mechanism by using alternative cleaner fuels and improvement of energy consumption and saving has been established in 1997. On the other hand, In recent years, the volume of non-recyclable polymers such as waste tires, plastics in municipal wastes increased rapidly, so improvement of recycling process is an important duty of industries. According to the statistics in industrial countries one tire is used per citizen a year. It means that 9 Kg tire is used per person. According to available statistics in Iran 10 million tires are used per year which equal to 200.000 Tons of tires annually. In Iran only 20 percent of Waste Tires are recycled and 80 percent sent to land fields. Disposal of tires is a hard duty because waste tires have high volume versus their weight. In this study combustion of old tires in cement production process as an alternative Fuel and related environmental benefits was investigated. Keywords- Recycling, Waste Tire, Cement Process, Alternative Fuel, Energy