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A-Guideline for New Teacher’s Learning in Chinese Language Teaching

The study focuses on new teachers learning in Chinese language teaching in Asia International Language Center (AILC), Chiang Mai, Thailand. In previous research, it showed that there is a big knowledge gap between new teachers and experienced teachers, which caused many problems, such as, the students test scores by new teachers are much lower than these by experienced teachers’ and many students drop out after they finish the level 1 learning with new teachers. Based on analysis of the present new teacher training process, it showed that there is lacking skills of teacher’s teaching methods and teaching materials understanding. This research is intended to introduce a textbook guideline writing and validate tools to design a textbook guideline. In this way, it can help new teachers to get the teaching methods and understand the teaching materials. This research will take the UNESCO standard as a main material and combine Bloom’s taxonomy to summarize the items in the textbook guidelines. Experienced teachers have taught Chinese for more than 3 years in AILC. They have a lot of experience that can share the new teachers by textbook guidelines. All staff in AILC expect that the new teachers can have a fundamental concept how to teach Chinese and what they should teach students after they learn the guideline. In this approach, it can serve to attract more students to learn Chinese in AILC and contribute to Chinese language learning in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Keywords - Textbook Writing, New Teachers’ Learning, Teaching Materials Understanding, Bloom’s Taxonomy