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Assessment of Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Services in Primary and Secondary Health Facilities of Public Sector in Pakistan

Maternal, neonatal and child health network is lacking as suggested by UN charter and Pakistan is one of the those who couldn't obtain MDG goals. Simple random sampling was done to take the sample from Punjab and KPK .we included just these two provinces. We made a Performa containing questions regarding 6/6 preventive MCH services at BHUs, 24/7 Basic MCH services at RHCs and 24/7 comprehensive MCH services at THQs & DHQs being provided in public. Also we took data from vital registration system. The end result told us that services are satisfactory in Punjab except new born incubation and resusication. but in KPK below the standard % was found 22% HR , 25% emonc New Born resuscitation and incubation 10% but c section had reasonable % of more than 70% Overall this is miles concluded we did not reach our desires. Keywords: C-segment, Maternal, THQ, DHQ, provinces