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Enhancement Of H2s Gas Sweetening Separator Using Mimo Fuzzy Logic Controller

Natural gas sweetening process is a controlled process that must be done at maximum efficiency and with the highest quality. In this work, due to complexity and non-linearity of the process, the H2S gas separation and the intelligent fuzzy controller, which is used to enhance the process, are simulated in MATLAB, A new design of fuzzy control for Gas Separator is introduced. The design based on the utilization of linear state-estimation to generate the internal knowledge-base that stores input-output pairs. This collection of pairs is then used to build a feedback fuzzy controller. The proposed closed-loop fuzzy control system maintains the system asymptotically-stability while it enhances the system time response to achieve better control of the concentration of the output gas from the tower. Simulation studies are carried out to illustrate the Gas Separator system performance. Keywords- Gas Separator, Gas Sweetening, Intelligent Controller, Fuzzy Control.