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Hotel Customer Relations Communication Strategies in Samosir Tourist Areas

Marketing communications strategy in hotel marketing activities in the tourism area should be able to achieve a marketing objective, which is to satisfy the customers. This study aimed to find out how marketing communication strategies in the marketing activities of hotel services in Samosir tourist area. The purpose of this research was to study marketing communication strategies in the marketing activities of hotels in Samosir area. The theories used in this research are communication processes, strategies, marketing strategies for marketing strategies of SOSTAC models, forms of marketing communication, or promotion. The research paradigm used is the contractual paradigm, and the research method used is the qualitative approach, case study research method. This study seeks to find empirical evidence from the research objects, how to uncover marketing communication strategies in hotel services marketing activities, and to develop a mechanism for implementing marketing communication activities. The results of the study show the relevance of the conceptual patterns predicted by the theories relevant to the empirical findings of the case study. Based on the analysis, it was concluded that the communication strategy of the hotels in Samosir area using a mix of advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, and marketing event. Marketing communications activities are strongly supported by hotels in the Samosir area with various amenities, including rent rooms, entertainment, nature attractions, cultural tours, and religious attractions. The communication strategy model shows that hotel visitor arrivals in the Samosir tourist area show a good level of improvement. However, there are a few points that need to be improved, including marketing innovations and the refinement of offered service products. In marketing innovation, it appears that hotels are still less effective in maximizing digital marketing, as the scope of marketing information is relatively small. While the product specification of the services offered is also relatively modest that has not met the global criteria of tourism and has not yet become more attractive to visitors. Keywords - Service Marketing, Communications Strategy, Public Relation, Customer Relation, Tourist Areas