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Effectiveness of Murottal Therapy on Baby's Weight Changes

Murottal is a recording of the sound of the Qur'an which is sung by a qori (reader of the Qur'an). Murotal therapy performed for several minutes or hours in a voice that sounds good can give a sense of comfort for the body to move up to be able to raise the baby's weight. The Purpose Of This Research Is To Know The Murottal Effects Of Changes In Baby Weight. This Research Type Is Quasi Experiment Design Using Randomized Pre-Test Design Post-Test Control Group Design. Samples in this study A total of 44 newborn babies, divided into two groups consisting of 22 respondents, namely the Intervention Group and the Control Group. The Intervention Group received treatment hearing murottal therapy and the control group did not receive treatment. Using the Mann Whitney statistical test. The results showed that the weight of the intervention group infants increased in average body weight to 2,577 grams in the first 3 months, whereas in the control group there was an increase in average body weight of 2,570 grams. and statistically there was no difference between infant weight in the intervention group and the control group with a p value: 0.630> 0.05. In the control group weight gain was higher than in the intervention group, because indeed from the beginning the baby's weight in the control group was higher, but after treatment in the control group the decrease was more than the baby's weight loss in the intervention group. It is recommended for nursing mothers to apply Murottal therapy during the breastfeeding process. Keywords – Weight, Murottal