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Mechanical Performance Of Friction Stir Spot Welded Aa6082-T6 Sheets

This study was executed to evaluate how the process parameters, namely rotational speed, feed rate, plunge depth and dwell time, affect the mechanical performances of friction stir spot welded (FSSWed) AA6082-T6 sheets. The mechanical performances of the joints were evaluated using tensile shear tests and correlations between process parameters and joint performances were established. The optimum welding parameters for tensile shear load (7.89 kN) were obtained as tool rotational speed of 1000 rpm, feed rate of 50 mm/min, plunge depth of 5 mm and dwell time of 7 s. The experimental results showed that tensile shear load increased almost linearly with increasing plunge depth and dwell time, and the tensile shear load decreased almost linearly with increasing rotational speed and feed rate. The most effective parameter was found as dwell time. The tensile shear load of the FSSWed joints increased roughly 44% when the dwell time increased from 2 s to 7 s. Keywords- Friction Stir Spot Welding, Aa6082-T6, Tensile Shear Load, Mechanical Properties.