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The Effect Of Pitcher Irrigation On Ec And Moisture Soil In Saline Water Condition

The effect of pitcher irrigation on Ec and moisture soil in saline water conditions was studied in field conditions in the soil using different water Ec treatments in hot and dry weather conditions. The procedure includes three levels of salinity (5, 10 and 15 dS/m) with three replications. Suitable amounts of sodium chloride (NaCl) were dissolved in normal water for preparing saline waters. It was found that the maximum Ec of soil after irrigation was 3.18 dS/m in Ec3 treatment at 10 cm from pitcher and at a depth of 0�20 cm. Lower Ec value was measured (0.560ds/m) in the Ec1 treatment at 20 cm from pitcher depth of 40�60 cm. The maximum Ec of the soil in all treatments was at the soil surface (20 cm depth) and 10 cm from pitcher, which decreased with increasing depth of sampling. Also Ec increased with increasing distance from the center of the pitcher. Moisture measured in soil levels around the pitcher also the opposite pattern of changes in soil Ec. The maximum and minimum Percent of moisture in the soil were observed, respectively, to be 15.1% in Ec5 treatment at a depth of 40-60 cm and 10 cm from pitcher and 7.1% in the Ec3 treatment at 20 cm from pitcher and at 0-20 cm depth. The moisture content in the soil around the pitcher decreased with increasing water salinity level. Keywords- EC, Irrigation, Moisture, Pitcher, Saline Water.