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Mathematics Students’ Experiences of an Adaptive System using Cooperative Learning and Socratic Questioning: Promoting Self-Directed Learning Skills

Mathematics results remains a contentious topic globally. A possible reason for these low results is students’ lack of self-directed learning skills. In this paper we report on an investigation into how students experience an adaptive system utilized in an undergraduate Mathematics course that attempts to promote their self-directed learning skills. Cooperative learning as a teaching-learning strategy is used with the adaptive system. The system itself is content based and is informed by the Socratic method in order to stimulate self-directed learning skills. In this investigation the participants comprised of four undergraduate students in the Mathematics course. A qualitative methodology was used to explore the students’ experiences of the adaptive system. Participants valued the additional support, but found the technology challenging. Furthermore, participants also noted that the use of cooperative learning assisted with their understanding of the mathematical content. An adaptive system, using cooperative learning and Socratic questioning thus potentially holds value in stimulating self-directed learning skills in Mathematics students. Keywords - Mathematics Education, Self-directed learning, Cooperative learning, Socratic questioning, Adaptive learning, Blended Learning.