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Impact of Influencer Marketing and its E-WOM in Digital Marketing on Consumers‟ Motivations and Purchasing Process

The mass adoption of internet into daily life is that the single biggest event that has affected marketing over past three decades. New mobile devices have been exploding in the last decade and marketing departments are still catching up. Information is everywhere that customers are now smarter and able to research products in seconds, easily comparing competitors, reviews and unearthing any myths along the way. Digital marketing now becomes a matter for companies because of the new generation customers and the new digital age. Digital marketing is the promoting of services or products applying digital technologies, generally on the Internet, then it also includes using display advertising, mobile phones, and any other digital medium. These days, digital marketing is more affordable, flexible, and engaging than traditional marketing methods, thus it became crucial to businesses, no matter the size is. However this study is centered in the part of digital marketing which is called “Influencer marketing”. A documentary research format had been applied for this study. This study focused to investigate the impact of influencer marketing on customers in the purchasing process and it analyzed the effects of influencer marketing and how the effects will change or affect consumers’ motivations in purchasing process. The nature of e-WOM, driven by influencers or influencer marketing and its impact on customers was also analyzed. By e-WOM and influencers, it was studied that how customers can tend to decide and purchase brands in their favors either consciously or unconsciously. Businesses or individuals would be able to formulate an effective influencer marketing style from this established framework at the end of study. Recommendations for implementation of this study on executive, managerial and operational levels had also been discussed along with practical and valuable suggestions for businesses, individuals and future further researches. Keywords - Digital Marketing, Influencer marketing, e-WOM, Consumers’ motivations, Purchasing Process.