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Youtube Marketing Communications and Children: A Case Study of Thai Youtubers

This ongoing research aims to explore an overview of today's marketing communications of products on You tube for children and youths in Thailand. This qualitative research was conducted by an in-depth interview with Thai You Tubers who got most subscribers on Social Blade website, ranking in the top 250 about their product placement strategy. The results provided useful insights through the ideas of product placement by Russell (2019) as consumers tend to skip traditional advertisements but not the entertainment content. In addition, since all three You Tubers’ main target audiences were children and youths. It showed that acting like a young, playful, and energetic girl or a curious smart boy might be a good way to attract younger audiences since they might regard these You Tubers equally as friends and hence ideal self when they were impressed by these three You Tubers. Keywords - Marketing Communications, YouTubers, Children, Product Placement