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Didactic Concepts in Education for Peace From the Trans-Disciplinary Intervention

The present Works, deals with the different reflections derived from a research process developed in the professional academic field of university instruction, where a research project aimed at training in peace education was carried out. Their conceptions, delimitation and appropriation of contents oriented to a generalized promotion from materials elaborated by the members of the groups in procession; which, in turn, could be structured with the purpose of reproducing their contents towards audiences of scenarios in initial education. The results obtained focused on the elaboration of texts that, in turn, allowed the continuity of the objectives of the project, whose priorities were to attend and raise awareness from a trans-disciplinary proposal, the areas concerning the promotion of peace from academic contexts. For this the didactic structuring, and the different strategies proposed, allowed to configure, approaches that in their different phases would be adapted; in such a way, that in its last stages the elaborated academic materials have allowed to amplify the possibilities of intervention, promotion and education for peace, from a trans-disciplinary perspective. Keywords - Education for Peace, Trans-Discipline, Teaching.