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The Best Practices of Environmental Management of Sub-District Administrative Organization of Phitsanulok Province

The objectives of this research is to analyze, synthesize the knowledge and the best practices in environmental management of sub-district administrative organization of Phitsanulok province. This article is a partial of the research “Environmental Management Knowledge and Practice Transfer Process to Sub-District Administrative Organization of Phitsanulok Province. The study is a qualitative study. Data are collected through in-depth interviews, participatory observation, and non-participatory observation. Content analysis is used in data analysis. Methodological Triangulation is used to test the reliability of data. The research found that three of important environmental issues of Phitsanulok are the problem of waste management, the use of community forests, and the system of water management. Hence the most important knowledge and best practices of environmental management of Sub-District Administrative Organization in Phitsanulok Province are participatory and comprehensive waste management of Noen Maprang District and Chat Trakan District, participatory community forests management of Wat Bot District, and the system of water management (Bang Rakam Model) of Bang Rakam District. Keywords - The best practices of environmental management, Environmental management of local organization, Participatory environmental management