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Security Education for Sustainable Development and Peaceful Coexistence in Southwest, Nigeria

Security education is necessary to combat the security challenges of 21st century in Africa. This paper therefore examined the concept of security education, peaceful coexistence that can unite people and useful for sustainable development. The paper further identified the challenges, educational approaches that can be used to manage security in Nigeria. This study examined the level of security education for sustainable development in southwest Nigeria, also examined was perceptions of male and female citizens on peaceful coexistence. The research adopted descriptive research of the survey type. The population consisted of all citizen in southwest Nigeria. The sample of the study consisted of 200 respondents’ selected using multistage sampling procedure. The instrument used to collect data was a questionnaire “Titled” Assessing the level of Security Education and Peaceful Coexistence in Nigeria Questionnaire (ASEPCQ). The validity of the instrument was established through face and content validity while the reliability of the instrument was determined using Cronbach Alpha method and a reliability co-efficient of 0.75 was obtained. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive statistics of percentage, mean and standard deviation and inferential statistic of t-test for research hypotheses. The study revealed that, the level of security education in southwest Nigeria is low, also the level of peaceful coexistence is high, there is no significant different between perceptions of male and female citizens on security education and peaceful coexistence in southwest Nigeria. It was recommended that, government should intensify their effort on providing adequate information on security education for the citizens, also necessary machineries should be put in place to enhance peaceful coexistence among the citizens. Keywords - Security Education, Peaceful Coexistence, Sustainable Development, Educational Approaches