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English Language Teachers’ Morphological Awareness Ability

Among the related variables of English language classrooms, English teachers have the most considerable function in students’ achievement. For high quality teaching, they need to explore elements of effective professional development because teacher education programs do not necessarily give them the abilities they need. One of them is English Language Teachers’ Morphological Awareness Ability (ELTMA). The purpose of this study is to look into the concept of Morphological Awareness (MA) in the context of English language teachers’ professional development. ELTMA empowers teachers to perform effectively in teaching vocabulary, reading, and writing language skills. This article first considers defining the related concepts of morphology, morphemes and MA, and then presents strategies and tasks for teachers how to teach them in their language skills classrooms. Also, some pedagogical implications are suggested for pre-service English language teacher education programs. Keywords - English Language Teachers, Morphological Awareness Ability, Morphology, Phoneme, Strategies and Tasks.