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Variables Associated With Professional Errors in Clinical Social Work Practice

Professional errors that clinical social workers make in their practice can affect not only the helping process, but also the social workers themselves and their clients. This study aims to explore the variables associated with professional errors in clinical social work practice. The sample (N = 198) used in the study consisted of social workers in Kuwait. The findings of the study revealed a significant relationship between the participants’ nationality and the theoretical knowledge errors component. In addition, a significant relationship was found between social work workshops and theoretical knowledge and ethics & values error components. A significant relationship was also found between familiarity with the latest empirical studies in social work and six types of professional errors, excepting terminations errors. However, the findings of the study showed that there are no significant relationships between variables like gender, age, and years of experience of the social workers and all types of professional errors. Keywords - Clinical; Errors; Knowledge; Kuwait; Mistakes; Social Workers