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Assessing the Role of Nurses in Quality Nursing Care Delivery

It is often said among healthcare practitioners that the wellness of a patient, both in-and-out-patients, is depended on the quality of nursing care delivery. Nursing care training in Ghana and other parts of Africa focuses primarily on medical skills and in-depth knowledge about one’s specialty with less or no emphasis on bedside manners, compassion, good communication, patience and approachable personality. These skills, however, are needed by Nurses and other health practitioners to be able to detect physical, emotional or mental disorders such as anxiety, stress or depression that affects patient ability to respond to treatment effectively. According to a survey conducted in Zomba Primary Health Care Clinic, Malawi in July 2009; 30.3 percent of all out-patient that visited the clinic during the month of July 2009 had depression yet none was detected (Malawi Medical Journal, 2014). This has resulted in patients being put on medications which otherwise required other forms of interventions such as counseling or therapeutic exercises. This research explores the different facets of Nursing Care Delivery in Ghana. Trends on the past and present practices under the Ghana Healthcare system will be highlighted. The report will end with recommendations about best practices that constitute quality nursing care delivery drawing experiences from other countries. Keywords - Healthcare, Nursing Care, Patient, Ghana