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Overview of Nutritional Underweight Problems in Children Age 6-59 Months in North Moyo District, Sumbawa Regency, WEAT Nusa Tenggara in 2019

Objective: Malnutrition is a public health problem that occurs in the Sumbawa Regency, especially in North Moyo District . Usually found in children under five because it affects cognitive and physical development and contributes to morbidity and mortality (WHO, 2013). The purpose of this study is to illustrate the problem of underweight nutrition in children aged 6-59 months in North Moyo District, Sumbawa Regency. Methods: This study used a cross-sectional design and used primary data . Statistical test used Chi square to identify the factors associated with underweight nutritional status in children .Statistical test results were stated significant if the p-value is less than 0 , 1 . There were 406 children aged 6- 59 months as a sample in North Moyo District, Sumbawa Regency. Conclusion: The prevalence of underweight was 24,9% where some significant variable with underweight in children were low birth weight, length of low birth weight, smoking and mostly occur in the age group 24-59 months (p-value < 0, 1 ). Efforts from the government are needed to improve nutrition programs that focus on efforts to prepare mothers from before pregnancy. Keywords- Underweight , Childrens, Malnutrition.