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Intelligent Stove Control by Remote Sensing

An intelligent gas stove boiling controller has been implemented to provide a safe protection of cooking to elderly, singles or general households. This embedded system is a safety tool that is cheap and easy to install and operate. It can be plugged into without the need to change the original gas stove. Technically, a tiny microprocessor NodeMCU accompanied with an integrated environmental sensor unit, BME280, is used to measure the microclimate changes, including the temperature, humidity, and their derivatives, above the gas burner in a remote sensing manner. An intelligent algorithm has been developed based on the phase plane analysis of the temperature derivative and the humidity derivative to determine the boiling point of cooking pot, and to shut down gas to prevent pot burnt. Moreover, the status of the cooking process can be displayed and transmitted to remote computer or cell-phone via WiFi network. It is completely unique in terms of technology and creativity. This intelligent stove controller is inexpensive and easy-to-install as an add-on anti-burnt function to gas stove to improve the safety and quality of life at home. Keywords - Intelligent Algorithm, Gas Stove Control, Remote Sensing, Home Safety.