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Blockchain Security Model for Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) plays a remarkable role in all aspects of our daily lives as it provides an integration of various sensors and objects that can communicate directly with one another without human intervention. IoT covers many fields including wearables, entertainments, sports, healthcare, industrial appliances, automobiles, homes, ingestible, etc. Due to its benefits, IoT is growing very fast and making its presence felt in almost every field of technology. However, with its rapid progression, it has made itself more predisposed to cyber-attacks. Due to this, now there is an earnestness to make IoT more secured, keeping the IoT devices secured is one of the greatest challenging tasks to achieve. As a result, this paper proposes the use of blockchain as a security model for IoT. The proposed blockchain technology security model fills the existing gap by providing end-to-end traceable. Blockchain technology is more secured because it is permissioned in order to provide the end-to-end traceability an immutable ledger. Keywords - Automobiles, Internet of Things (IoT), Human Social Life, Machines, Wearables, Healthcare, Homes, Security