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Study on Collaborative Learning for Undergraduate Students Using IPEER

Peer collaboration and learning is a 21st century skill and one of the crucial attributes needed by graduates. Students participate in group work and evaluate each other’s contributions towards the end product. The flaw in this practice is that their participation and contributions are never correlated with the final mark of the submitted assignment. This paper looks at a problematic second year module with a large number of registered students. The content of the module lends itself to a problem-based approach where students were given an assignment to apply the course content to a real-world problem and collaboratively present solutions. The results presented will evaluate students’ participation and student grading in random groups using the comments submitted in the iPeer tool. The purpose of this exploratory research was to evaluate this intervention and use the findings to enhance the use of problem-based learning through the use of collaborative learning methods and gain insights and inform the refinement of rubric-like peer evaluations in large classes using group work. Keywords - Collaborative Learning Peer Review, Problem-based Learning, iPeer