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Role of Government Policies on Sustainable Consumption and Its Effect on Business and Consumers in Developing Countries: A Conceptual Framework

This paper indents to analyse the role of Government in making and implementing policies for sustainable consumption and how it effects the ultimate customers and the business in the developing countries. The paper aims to explore the various theoretical background for sustainable consumption by literature reviews and case studies from developed countries. In order to understand the true nature of the role of Government in preparing and implementing the policies, the research is based on Indian economy. An in depth descriptive analysis has been undertaken for a period of ten years. The effect of policy changes and its effect on socio economic spheres with special emphasis on consumers and business has been given more focus by taking the following variables viz., changes in energy consumption, changes in the products, government spending on renewable energy sources, and overall impact on energy intensity of GDP Keywords - Role of Government, Sustainable Consumption, Energy Consumption, Government Spending On Renewable Energy Sources, and Energy Intensity of GDP